Advertising Tracking Report

The following Advertising Tracking Report was commissioned by one of our current clients and done by an independent research company to help the client gauge what marketing was effective.

Clients Background

  • TruckSide campaign was active for 5 months before report
  • TruckSide campaign was active in 3 states
  • Operates in highly competitive industry
  • Competitors have large media budgets
  • Report issued May 2012

Advertising Diagnostics - Branding Recognition

Advertising Diagnostics, Truckside Ads.

What did the client think about this?

  • TruckSide Advertising has exceeded expectations
  • Renewed the campaign for another 12 months
  • Considering more TruckSide Ads for the 2012/2013 Financial Year

What did the client say about TruckSide Advertising?

"Truckside advertising have been a breeze to deal with and have delivered great branding outcomes for us. The communication with Truckside has been excellent and the reporting provides useful information. A number of store's have stated how much they love seeing the great big trucks drive by with their branding and that it gives them a great sense of pride.

Recent primary research showed that the trucks deliver the strongest brand recognition out of our total marketing mix which is a great result. We have recently conducted a social media campaign inviting our audience to tell us where they've seen a truck to win a voucher and the engagement rates were comparatively quite strong for the style of competition."

Client Marketing Manager