Advertisers & Businesses

Outdoor advertising is fast becoming Australia's leading marketing tool to promote brand awareness and recognition. TruckSide advertising combines the effectiveness of outdoor advertising and the efficiency of mobility to capture your audience in their own environment.

Exposure in the public domain builds brand recognition and consumer loyalty but has been accompanied with a price tag that in recent times has far outweighed the return in revenue growth!

TruckSide Advertising Australia provides small business owners, marketing clients and multinational firms the ability to utilise the power of mobile outdoor advertising to deliver your message to your consumers at street level with vehicle advertising.

Perhaps you're representing a multinational company who are seeking better brand recognition and market share?

Perhaps you're a non for profit organisation looking to raise awareness for your cause?

Whatever the reason for considering advertising, you should consider the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns and how you are reaching your target audience!

Accountability & GPS Tracking

TruckSide Advertising Australia utilises refined GPS tracking systems and database management to provide real-time tracking of your nominated truck advertisement campaigns.

Truck advertisement GPS tracking screenshot – TSAA vehicle ads.

Clients are able to view route histories, upload and view catalogued campaigns and stream live tracking through the TSAA homepage.

TruckSide Advertising Australia is a 'one stop shop', covering all logistical and administrative processes to ensure excellent customer satisfaction!